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Moving to different house? Here is what you need to know

Are You Moving to a different house Across The City, Or Across The Country?

you need to know before moving to a new house



You need to know before moving to a new house

Things You need to know before moving to a new house. When moving to a new home; across the city, or across the country, there are few things to consider. Packing and unpacking seem the only major hurdle in moving.

The things that make difference are things you do after moving and settling in your new home. You want to start by familiarizing yourself with the functions of the new house and set priorities for projects that need to be done if needed. The best time to do so is first when you move in.

We know that as soon as you move to a new home, and get done with moving the big stuff, you need to take a breather, relax for a while. We don’t blame you, we all would. We understand how stressful it could be moving to a new home, could be cross the city or across the country. That’s why we put a list for you to help guide you to what you need to do, and set a plan for the time ahead.


A Walkthrough

The best time to take a closer look at the new house is when it is empty. If possible, you can walk through before unloading your furniture to make sure that;

  • If agreed upon repairs by the previous homeowner has been done.
  • Everything agreed upon and in the contract is in the house
  • Everything is in working order.

Go to the walk-through with your Realtor if possible, but if your Realtor is not present and you find an issue, you should contact your Realtor immediately and see what your recourse are. 


What’s Going Where

You will save a lot of time when moving to a new home by planning ahead. This is is too important especially when it comes to heavy items. While you have an idea of what will go where, take a look around to see where everything will go exactly, and if you would like the way it looks. Of course, you can change it later, but as a start is always to set plans ahead especially if it is your new house, so that will make things easier for you moving forward.


Do you have Little Ones?

When moving to a new home with kids, it is important to childproof the house to keep kids safe. Make sure you do that as soon or before you move to the new home. 



A lot of people think of moving their utilities over to the new house before they move, but some of us forget. It is not a big deal, but if you haven’t done this you should do that as soon as you move into your new house as this will prevent service interruption and inconveniences. Make sure that, electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet are set up and in working order.

It will not hurt to call the waste management facility to make sure that your garbage is set for pick up as well. You don’t want any surprises. Those mentioned above are good steps to start when moving to a new house. To avoid any future inconvenience make sure to;


Locate the Water Valve

The last thing you want to look for when you need it is the water valve. It is always a great idea to know where the water valve located just in case you need to turn off the water. You can usually find your home’s water valve located somewhere around the perimeter of your house.

Those following are a must-do 

  • Locate the fuse box

The fuse box will most likely be located in the basement, garage, or storage room. We do recommend to do that as soon as you can or before you move into your new home is ideal. 

  • Do a Deep Clean
  • Prioritize Repairs
  • Change Your Locks
  • Change Your Address
  • Meet Your Neighbors

Best of luck with your new home!


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