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Would New Flooring Increase My Home Value?

One of the most overlooked options when updating your home is the floor. However, this shouldn’t be the case. It’s good to note that different types of flooring have different impact on buyers. In most cases, the type of flooring in your house boosts the home’s resale value. Buyers tend to walk away from a home with terrible flooring same way they walk away from a badly smelling home.

Before you embark on a project of updating your home, it’s good to know that different types of flooring have different impacts on the resale value of your home. It’s also good to know the updates that increase the value of your home and the ones that decrease it. There are also updates that have no impact at all to the resale value of your home.

Type of flooring that increase the value of your home?


Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are considered to be as the king of all flooring. Most buyers love hardwood flooring and choosing it as your flooring appeals to the biggest piece of the real estate market. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a house with hardwood floors giving sellers more incentive to install the floor.

Despite being good type of flooring, hardwood floors can’t be installed in bathrooms. They are easily damaged and warped by excessive moisture. They are most desired in the living room, kitchen, entryway, and other high traffic places.


It’s the most preferred flooring type in bathrooms. It’s easily cleaned, doesn’t get damaged by water as long as its properly installed, cleaned and dried regularly. The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms that help sell a home. Investing in the right room in these two rooms is therefore critical.

The downside to tiling the living room, entryways and such is you might never get any ROI. Tiles are expensive to install and maintain depending on the type of the tile. To be on the safer side, install tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens only.

What floors are the home buyers looking for?

This is the question in the mind of most home sellers. Remember, selling a home is a complicated process. It comprises of a series of complex transactions and it’s good to get a realtor to help handle some of the transactions. That is one thing to note.

The top choice for most buyers is hardwood flooring. Real estate agents say that selling a home with hardwood flooring is easier as compared to selling one without. It’s a strong selling point especially when most people sell their house for more money.

How does updating the flooring affect the price of the home?

If you are planning to sell a house, get a real estate agent to help you with perks about the market and other vital information. Here is how updated flooring help increase the value of the home:

Updating flooring gives your home a new look, feel and style




New flooring elevates the style of your home and provides a touch of warmth plus natural variation bringing the beauty of nature inside the house. New flooring is a design idea that helps make your home more modern. Change the look and style of your house with new flooring and if you don’t like your flooring you might not like the room.

Cleanliness and health benefits

Wall to wall carpeting is awesome but requires a lot of maintenance to keep away dust and allergens. These stay tucked in the fibers of the carpet and the best way to avoid this is updating your flooring. New and updated flooring offers an easy to clean, sleek, and beautiful surface that doesn’t hold onto stains and odors.

Get rid of nuisances and flaws

Over the years of service, your flooring gets damaged, scratched, scraped, or it becomes too hard to keep clean. Updating your flooring and replacing it with hardwood floors reduces the time you spend cleaning and repairing the floor. Replace your flooring and get rid of all flaws that might affect the resale value of your home negatively.

A New Floor Increases the Value of Your Home

New and updated flooring increases the resale value, and ROI of your home. That is for sure. The difference comes in when you ask yourself, which type of flooring increases your home value. Hardwood flooring might be the best but you can’t install it in all rooms in the house. Get a top real estate agent and get the best deal when selling or buying a home.

Talk to a local realtor and get to know how much is your home worth. After this, get some advice and know the type of flooring best suited for a house in the area. If you are selling your house, have a good local real estate agent by your side.

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