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Increase Your Home Value by Adding or changing the fence 

Addition of a fence to your house serves several purposes. It can be used to stop wild animals from getting into the yard, can be used for privacy and can also be used to keep children and pets in the yard. As shocking as it might sound, a new fence can increase the value of your home. most people take a fence casually but for those homeowners who love their privacy, a fence is as important as other features such as the curb appeal in a home.

The type of fence however says a lot about the home and has significant impact on the security, privacy and overall look of the home. the best and top real estate agents who have priced more than a hundred homes will tell you the significance of a fence in the resale value of a house. There are people who give a guarantee of increase in home value in a new fence but this might not be the case all the time. There are factors that affect how a new fence impacts the resale value of the home.

Ways in which a fence can increase the value of your home

A fence can increase or not have an impact on the value of your home. before you think of spending thousands of dollars on a new fence, make sure it’s the only update remaining to make the home mint like. Before you embark on installing a new fence, how is your curb appeal? have you talked with a local real estate agent to know if the local market appreciates a house with a new fence? Don’t make the mistake of rushing to do something that won’t get you any ROI. Here are ways your fence can increase the value of your home:

Positioning of the fence

A nice fence enhances the appearance of your yard and home as well. For those living in a house with an undesirable out back view, a tall, strong fence blocks the bad view and creates a desirable view of your back yard. You might not think the positioning of a fence has any impact on the value of the home. for example, a front yard fence might reduce your curb appeal while once in the back increases the total value of the house.


Purpose value

A fence might have monetary value for you but not the house buyer. Most of the homeowners we talk to prefer having privacy in the backyard and a strong, good looking fence is the best solution for this. Also, homeowners with young children and pets appreciate a fence more when buying a house and might be reluctant to buy a home without a fence.


Fences Types 

This is important and it determines if the installed fence is a valuable asset or not. For wooden fences, concrete or cast iron fences, they can net you a good 50% on the resale value. the look of the fence using these materials is better and more pleasing than many others.

Durability is also key with fencing material. If a homebuyer suspects that the fence materials aren’t durable, it might bring down the value of your home. The aspiring buyer thinks that it will cost them more to install a new fence after a short time and buyers aren’t ready to spend any more than they can afford in a house.




This boils down to the quality of the fence. Having your fence installed professionally has a huge impact on the value of your home. A fence installed by a professional stands the test of time and is able to withstand harsh elements such as weather. After some years, you will be able to sell the house without significant repairs or additions to the investment of the fence.




A fence has to be well maintained if you need it to help the house fetch a better price. A wooden file might raise the value of your home but it’s important that you seal or stain the fence. This way, the fence won’t get rotten or get destroyed by termites over time.


Before you install a fence

Talk to your neighbors and get to know your property lines. Don’t let the new fence ignite turf wars because you installed it on your neighbor’s side. To do this, use the home’s plat and get your neighbor to take out theirs and together understand your property lines.

Take time and talk to a real estate agent in the area and determine if the new fence installation is worth all the hustle. Is it a good investment? The area realtor can tell you if the local market prefers fences or you are wasting money.

The installation of a new fence increases the value of your home but only if it’s done professionally and using quality materials that will stand the test of time.


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