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Rio Rico, AZ is located in Santa Cruz County. It has a population of around 19,000. So, if you thinking of buying or selling real estate property in Rio Rico, go no further. Below is everything you need to know.

Buying Or Selling a House in Rio Rico AZ?

Here is What You Need to Know


Buying a home in Rio Rico, or anywhere else in the United States, required same process. You are about to start a journey, that required planning in advance.

If you are like most people, buying a house could be the biggest single finical transaction of a lifetime.

Getting a home loan for purchasing a home will require down payment, and if you don’t have the down payment ready; below are few tips to help you with saving for the down payment, as well as where to start the home purchasing process.


1-Finding the Right home loan/Mortgage

You will need to start with a loan/Mortgage preapproval, and navigating volatile interest rates and making a down payment in a competitive markets in order to achieve your goal. Having a pre-approval, and have your finances lined up, you are communicating to the seller that you are a serious home buyer. partner with financial institutions, mortgage broker, loan officers that strive to help you to make sound financial decision that best fits your situation. Here where to start the loan approval process.

When it comes to mortgage/home loan, every situation is different, based on income, debt to income ratio, employment stability, credit score, and those are just a few factors that lenders looks at while evaluating your situation.

We connect you with an expert in your local market that well equipped with knowledge, tools, skills, and aware of local rules, and regulations. To put it in simple terms; that can make the different between getting the best interest rate and getting your new home. Half a point of interest rate can make a different of few extra hundreds of dollar every month on a mortgage payment. We strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence.

2-Finding the right Realtor

Hiring a Realtor to help you navigate the complex terrain of buying a home is crucial for you and makes a difference between getting a home of your dream or not.

There is no difference between hiring a lawyer for your legal matters, or an accountant for your tax or financial matters. Our Realtors/ real estate agents are no different.

We partner with local market leaders that proudly call you a client, NOT a “lead”. That has been achieved by our proprietary process on the way we connect you with our Realtor/Real estate agent’s partners.

Our process allows our partners to see your query before they accept your request, which means; you will only get the partners that are qualified for your situation, that in return will improve your service experience and smooth the process. Here where you can start the process of speaking with a Realtor.

How Much Can I afford In a Home Loan/Mortgage?

We have started the steps assuming that you have got your budget straight and have an ideal of how much monthly mortgage you can afford, but here is a reminder and simple calculation that may help you further.

To calculate your home affordability range, you need to take into account a few primary items, such as;


  • Household income

Include or sources of income that available to you after tax.

  • Monthly debts/Bills

Include; car loan, and student loan payments.

That being said here is an important question to answer.

After all said and done, including the down payment for your new home, how fast can you bring your saving back to a comfortable level for a rainy day?

Don’t forget to allow a room for unexpected expenditures, and few dinner or outing with the family.

A wise suggestion is to have three months of your payments, your monthly expenses including, mortgage, bills, etc. in reserve. This will give you a comfortable buffer in case there is some unexpected event. Here are more on how much house can I afford?

Down Payment

We have seen a down payment as low as 0 down, and as high as 30, or even 40%. 10% down is the average that lenders will consider. That being said, there are few factors that home lenders look at while evaluating your situation, some of which include, credit score, income, employment stability, etc. Keep in mind that $1000.00 you put down= $20.00 less in monthly home loan payment. Give or take few (considerations).

Credit Score For Your Home Loan

A credit score is one of deciding factors that home lenders are looking for while processing your application for a home loan, however is not a deciding factor. We have seen approval with a credit score as low as 580 and below. 620-680 is an average credit score for a mortgage approval that lenders are looking for. That being said, 700+ with low debt to income ratio, high income, and good credit history; you are worthy of a great interest rate.

Now You Done With The Financials, What is Next?

By now, you should have had a discussion with your Realtor, and decided on what you want and what you need in a house, and what is possible. Now Your agent should start sending you list of homes that meets your criteria.  Start looking at houses and schedule visits.


Make sure to drive by the house of interest in different time of the day to get a feel of the neighborhood.




I Need to Sell My House Fast, What Are My Options?

Should you hire an agent to list you home, sell to an investor, or sell your home on your own? Below will expand on the answer to the question that arise when you decide to sell your house.


In order to make a right decision you have to set yourself up the right way from the get-go by hiring the right Realtor to help you achieve your goals.  There are few options available; however, Hiring the right real estate agent sets you on the right track. There are few reasons why you should hire an agent, and those reasons are;


Real estate agent puts your mind at ease through the entire process. You don’t have to know everything about buying or selling a house, if you set yourself up with the right realtor. When it comes to cost, all Realtors roughly charge the same amount, so; why not hire the most experienced, an most knowledgeable? Time is precious, so don’t use your valuable time trying to figure out what is the right move, and let the professional figure that out for you.


Market is the ultimate decider for the price of your home. There are some factors such as; market supply, demand, and the condition of the home. An agent’s job is to figure out what affects the price, and presents to you all options, and the final decision is yours. An example would be, Realtor will presents to you Three options, of what your home should be listed for in the following way

Top of market range: $200.000-$220.000

Middle of the market range: $180.000-$200.000

Bottom of the market range: $160.000-$180.000

From here on forward, the final decision is yours. You make the decision, and based on your decision, your real estate agent will devise the negotiation strategy. To state the obvious, if you choose to list your house for top market price, your house may take longer to sell than would take should you choose the other options, and so on.


Real estate agents possess tremendous amount of knowledge about neighborhoods, which include; schools, crime statistics, supply demands and activities in certain areas. With that knowledge and experience, you are setting yourself up for success, and increasing your odds of selling your home on the top of market price and fast.


Due to legal liability, many Realtors will hesitate to recommend a certain individual or company over another, but they do know which vendors have a reputation for efficiency, competency, and competitive pricing. Agents can, however, give you a list of references with whom they have worked and provide background information to help you make an informed decision.


Best real estate agents negotiate well, because it is required skills to conduct such high price transaction. Additionally, they remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction. Good agents are not messengers, delivering buyer’s offers to sellers and vice versa. They are professionals who are trained to present their client’s case in the best light and agree to hold client’s interests above all other’s.


Real estate agents are professionals and are trained and agree to hold client information confidential from competing interests and they are obliged by the code of ethics.


Selling a home, or buying a home requires tremendous amount of paperwork, that includes, purchase agreement, federal and state law mandated disclosures. One mistake can land you in court or cost you thousands of dollars. Let the professionals handle the work.


Good real estate agent markets your home aggressively. They are also possess the knowledge through their experience to recommend staging techniques to make your home looks great, show case the listing with professional-quality photographs. Additionally, the agent will vet prospective buyers so you can only deal with serious buyers.


Top real estate agents develop business relationships with their clients. Should any question or concern resurface even after the home sale complete, one call to your agent can answer and address any concerns.


Listing your house for sale by owner is a measure undertakes, and you will be dealing with the buyer’s agent who is trained professional and the only party is holding interest to is the home buyer. In order to increase your chances of getting the buyer’s agents to show your home is to offer a buyer’s commission ranging from, 2.5-3% so buyer’s agent will show your home to buyers. That being said, you have to proceed with caution, and make sure to educate yourself in regards to federal and state laws, disclosures, etc. The last thing you want is to find yourself dealing with legal matters after the transaction is completed.


Instant cash offer option is widely available, and is meant for sellers who want to close fast and don’t have to wait on the bank process of approving the buyer, and wait for the fund. This usually an option to consider if you have to relocate for work, measure financial hardship, divorce, or any other life event that forces you to sell your house. In most cases, you will get an offer, with the middle to the bottom of market price, but you don’t have to stage your home, or spend any additional money for remodeling or incurring any other expenses. We make that process easy for you, we gathered all cash buyers in one place. Get in touch with some of our partners. Industry leaders ready to make you an offer.


In some cases, some of your neighbors might be in the lookout for available house in the area for their parents, or their kids. It will worth a try to spread the word around the neighborhood to get a feel and find out if there is any interest. That being said, you can ask your friends and family if they are looking for a house and you think your house would be a good fit for them.


Selling your house to an investor is another option available to you and it has some pros and cons. When selling your house to an investor there are some perks associated with that option, such as, selling your house for cash, close on your schedule, you don’t have to do any repairs, and you don’t have to bother with the showing, staging, remodeling, etc. That being said, selling your house to an investor usually results in lower offer than you would get selling your house to a buyer that will reside in your home.

One way to think about it is: Instead of coming up with the money out of pocket upfront for, remodeling, repairing your house, staging, and the agent’s commission, closing cost, and all the expense associated with the home selling; Those expense will be reflected in the offer and the offer will be presented accordingly. So at the end, you may net a little bit less than you would selling your house to a buyer who would use it as a primary residence. But you would have to come up with more money upfront to cover the expense mentioned.


On Reacasa, we only partner with top market leaders in every sector of real estate. We have done the vetting and heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Simply follow the steps here, by entering your address and answering few questions, then set back and relax, and we will do the rest.


  1. Reacasa sends your inquiry to a list of investors in our network; the investors read and analyze your inquiry, if they are qualified to help you then we will connect them to you. This method proofs effective because the investor only pays a small fee if they are qualified to help you, not like other marketplaces, you get unwanted calls from all qualified, and unqualified because the fee is paid in advance before they know what your situation is. That in return will provide a great customer experience for you and only get the most experienced for your unique situation.


We will need home address, some basic home details, year built, sq footage, any upgrades, known issues, as well as some photos for the interior and exterior. Click here to start


It depends on few factors, but in most cases; 1 to 3 business days.



Here you can find out how far is your new home from your work.


Facts and More

Estimated median household income: $40,623

Median House Value:$157,364

Median Gross Rent: $853



Rio Rico Public Schools

 Coatimundi Middle School

490 Avenida Coatimundi

 Zip Code: 85648

San Cayetano Elmentary School

1412 W. Frontage Road

Zip: 85648

Rio Rico High School

590 Camino Lito Galindo


Calabasas Middle School

1374 West Frontage Road




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Here you can find out how far is your new home from your work.

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