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Renting A House But You Don’t Know Where To Start

Renting a house: What to do when looking for a house to rent

Renting a house

Renting a house

Renting a house is quite a responsibility because it requires planning foresight, communication with landlords and agents and also requires the right timing. All this is necessary since you will expect the place to be perfect for you and whoever you will be sharing it with.

When looking for a house for rent, involving an agent is better than doing it yourself. Most people will tend to think that the agent is only needed when you need to buy a house but this assumption is incorrect, so what should you do to make sure the process is smooth:

  • Tap into all rental markets

Here is the most powerful tool to get you started. When thinking of renting a house, our easy to use tools will help you compare and analyze rent prices, realtors, and private owners price. Reacasa’s tools will guide you step by step to rent a house that is perfect for you. Analyze the home, compare prices, schedule shows, and much more.

  • Visit the property

As they say, photos always look great.  If you do not involve an agent (which is not advised), visit the property yourself and walk around the neighborhood and familiarize yourself with it. Get to know what is where what your potential neighbors are like and what is nearby. Decide whether this is the right place for you to live in considering your current lifestyle.

Focus on your needs and see what is important before you make a decision. Look at more than one place and compare side by side, prices, value, time to travel to and from work, etc.   Additionally, If there is something that you don’t like about your current place, make sure that the new place is a good replacement, i,e. If you don’t like the layout of your living room in your current place, make sure that the new home has a better layout, and so on.

  • Inspect the house yourself

Houses for rent listed online are not displayed in their entirety. Visit the house and do a thorough inspection of the same. Check for the more practical aspects of the home and imagine yourself living in the place. Make sure the floor and walls are in good condition and the doors and windows are compliant with the city’s building code. Check for dripping faucets and a faulty plumbing system.

These are important once you move into the house. Look on the ceiling for a sign of roof leaking, etc. Yes, it is a rental home, and the landlord will fix anything, however, looking closer at the beginning will save you time, and hassle when you move in.


  • Communicate and negotiate

Ask your potential future landlord all sorts of questions. Some will offer you information with good faith while others will hesitate to answer your questions. Be cautious. If you feel the price is high for you, don’t be afraid to negotiate if it’s possible. It never hurts to ask especially if you have some negotiating ground like a leaky faucet or broken windows. We are here to provide some useful information as well.

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