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Realtors® is the right choice for someone in your corner when you are buying a house, selling a house, renting, or conducting any real estate transaction. Realtors pledge themselves to promote and protect the interest of their clients. When looking for an agent we recommend that you find a realtor®. Isn’t every agent is a realtor? No! and here is why you should look for a realtor when you are looking for someone to guide you through your real estate transaction. Real estate transaction should be treated seriously. You could be like 95% of people, this is the highest transaction you would ever conduct in your life, are more reason to why you should think carefully who to be in your corner during the this process. Someone who is trained, educated on the market, knows the local market, and aware of the ins and outs of real estate transactions, have done it before, have great company behind them, and happy to do it again, and again.

Representing a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or other client as an agent/ Realtors® pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their client. This obligation to the client is primary, but it does not relieve Realtors® of their obligation to treat all parties honestly. When serving a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or other party in a non-agency capacity, Realtors® remain obligated to treat all parties honestly. Standard of Practice 1-1 Realtors®, when acting as principals in a real estate transaction, remain obligated by the duties imposed by the Code of Ethics. Standard of Practice 1-2 The duties imposed by the Code of Ethics encompass all real estate-related activities and transactions whether conducted in person, electronically, or through any other means.

So, realtors have much higher standards and adhere to The Code Of Ethics.

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