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Get The Leads On Your Terms

Reacasa puts you in the driver’s seat, empower you with resources, and place you ahead of your competition. Take advantage of the resources available to you, stop paying for bad leads. Only pay for leads when you know what they want. It is different on Reacasa:


  • Customer Reaches Out
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Leverage Reacasa's Resources

Our business model allows us to do what other sites can’t. We have engineered and designed our platforms so that our partners can take advantage of our resources, and use it as a venue to generate your own leads.

Reacasa have what all modern agents need to be successful. Our platform is design to generate leads, and attract home buyers and sellers when they searching online. Stay in front of buyers and sellers and get direct calls. All in one place and at no cost.

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Generate Your Own Leads

Generate your own leads using our resources. When you add your listings on Reacasa, you are the only agent placed on the listing. You get the leads that your listing generate.

Neighborhoods: Be placed on neighborhood pages and build relationships, educate neighbors, and be the go to agent when they are ready.

Blog: Write and be featured on our blog, be the author on the article, and have all your pages, profile, neighborhoods, and contact information all linked and in one place. Signup Free

Leverage Our Resources To Gain More Business

Every Reacasa visitor looking to buy, sell, rent or finance a home, be the go to agent, lender, or property manager.


Reacasa is a real estate marketplace and digital advertising platform. It is the only site that allows you to join, generate your own leads and get direct calls from clients. This is has never been done before in real estate. We allow you all the resources you need to have maximum online exposure and keep your online information found and up to date. On Reacasa, you don't have to sign a contract, or subscribe. If you want to get leads, you will know what the leads want, what they need, and everything you know in advance to make the right decision. This has never been done before, you know what the clients want before you pay! When you get the leads, you keep 100% of your commission, and you have option to get exclusive leads. No fees, no monthly subscription, no contract, the only time you pay is when you read what the client want. There is no reason not to join.

Other Sites

You can't generate your own leads and get direct calls from clients. It is not their business model.

Other Sites

You have to sign a contract and pay on a monthly basis. On Reacasa, you don't.

Other Sites

You lose up to 25% of your commission. Here, you keep 100% of your commission.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Not. Our business model give us the flexibility and give you the advantage. Reacasa is a real estate marketplace, where most buyers and sellers, agents, and real estate professionals come in to find the answer to their questions, and get more online exposure.

We place you in front of those people, and they have option to contact you, when that happen, it is great! it is yours!

When customers reach out to us, seeking an agent like you, we allow you to see what their message is, what they need, and if you like to have their contact information, just pay the fee for the contact information, and it is yours. If you don’t see a lead you like, you don’t have to pay anything. You can still enjoy our free resources to generate your own leads. It is that simple.   

The primary different between Reacasa and other sites is the way you get and generate leads.

On Reacasa, we allow you to generate your own leads, and have the option to get additional leads if you want to, without any obligation or contracts. Other sites either you have to pay contract, and pay on a monthly basis, or you get leads and when you help them buy, or sell, you pay 25% of your commission. Reacasa is the best of all options, where you can get the leads you want, keep all your commission,  and doesn’t put any pressure on you.

Reacasa will be like your own brand extension, and an avenue to further your online exposure. When you add your listing on Reacasa, the visitor will have all data they need to make decision without having to jump across multiple sites, and you get additional marketing for your listing.


When people search for an agent, a home to buy, or they want to sell their home, in some cases, they visit multiple sites, read articles, ask questions before they act.

On Reacasa, we have helpful tips for buyers and sellers, ReacasaAsk for any questions they may have, and we make it easy for them to make decision.

That being said, when people see your profile, and your brand across multiple sites, you are most likely the agent they contact when they are ready to act, because you meet the social proof when they see your information is up to date. They know you are organized, active and ready for business.

Additionaly, People are most likely would want to do business with an expert, a neighbor, or local agent. We allow you to shine on Reacasa neighborhood, and place you on neighborhood pages, allow you to write for our blog, and impress potential clients, so when they are ready, the agent they want to do business with, is you.

Reacasa will put all your information in front of all potential buyers and sellers, import all your reviews and allow visitors to contact you directly. It has never been done in real estate marketplaces. Just be active, and don’t miss out.

We optimized our platform to make it search engine friendly and we attract visitors through multiple avenues. For example, if you add your listing, write and featured on our blog, or placed on a neighborhood page, your profile and information will be in front of those visitors, and you get the lead, and 100% of the result, at absolutely no cost. This is just one way we have designed our platform, and is not our revenue stream.

The way Reacasa make money is: In some cases, visitors reach out to us directly searching for an agent, want to buy, or sell a home. When that happened, we let you see their inquiry, read their message, and if you have the skills needed to help them, you pay us a little fee and we interduce you, and the lead and the commission is all yours.

That being said, There is no obligation on your part to pay for leads, no contract, no monthly fees. Only pay for the leads YOU want after you know what THEY want.

We have changed the way the real estate marketplaces work and have give you more power. Stay active is the best way to generate your own leads on Reacasa.

Our platform is design to operate anywhere in the US. We consistently expanding, and marketing to attract buyers and sellers on the internet.

Absolutely. Reacasa help you shine, impress potential clients, widen your digital footprint, and act as your own brand extension. Here is the only real estate marketplace that you can generate your own leads and get calls directly.

We can easily import the agent’s profile from the NAR, but we choose not to. The reason we don’t import the profile, is because there are a lot of inactive agents. We only like to partner with agents who are active in the business, and always looking for new ways to increase their business,

Our Mothed To Connect

Our Unique Method Of Connecting You to Clients is only guarantee satisfaction for every party involved.

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