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Experienced, well trained agents= Efficient and Stress Free Transaction!


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Based around you

We match you based on your needs and desired skills, not what agents we have available in your market

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Only Get Connected To Qualified agents. If we don’t have a match, you don’t get calls to waste your time

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Everybody is a winner

Our innovative business model guarantee that every party involved in the equation is a winner

You Are In Control

The right way to match you with an agent. We ask you few questions, you tell us the skills and expertise you need, and only get connected to agents have the skills you desire. 

We answer your questions in FAQ section.

Request. Relax. Done!

When you reach out, we will ask you a few questions. It will take 3 minutes. After you answer the questions, you sit back and relax, dream of what you want. Your work ends and our work begins. We will make it happen.

Get The Experience, And The Expertise You Desire

Experienced, well trained agents= Efficient and Stress Free Transaction!



We get a little fee after the agent read your inquiry and decide they have the skills needed to help you. Any agent you get connected to, is gurantee have the skills you need.

Other Sites

Because of their business model, in most cases you get connected to agents who have contracts with the site you signup with, not based on the skills needed, that matter.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely free! Our business model allows us to offer our service free to you. If one of our partner’s agent posses the skills you require; they pay us a little fee.

That being said, You under no obligation to conduct a business with anyone that you think is lacking the skills needed to perform adequate, and satisfactory service. Find the right agent

The primary different between Reacasa and other sites is the way we match you with agents.

On Reacasa, When you reach out, we ask you few questions, and allow you to require specific skills needed for your unique situation. We then allow our partners to view your requirements, from here, IF and only IF they have the skills needed to help you, they will pay us a little fee and ask to be connected with you. If they don’t have the skills needed, they won’t contact you; meaning, you will only get qualified agents. It is that simple.

Even though it sound simple, it is absolutely revolutionary way to match you with professionals, and it is never been done this way before. It is based around your needs not around what agents we have in the area.

Other Sites, Get your information and sell them to agents who subscribe to their service, or under contract; regardless of their experience, expertise, or skills needed for your unique situation. 

For Example: If you need an agent experienced with specific neighborhood, and you contacted a site that only have few agents in the said market, but none of those agent is familiar with your desired neighborhood; you will still get contacted and the agent will attempt to help you even though they are not qualified, why? Because they already paid in advance to get your information and it only make sense for them. In this scenario, not every party involved is a satisfied.

Discount Service, There are other sites that offers discounted service, and that business model is broken, and is  rarely reliable.

Real estate, profession is just like any other profession, in most business transactions you are paying for the experience and comfort and the stress free experience that the professionals provide. When it comes to buying or selling real estate, that could be a sum of money.

Extensive vetting, We have extensive vetting when we partner with agents, some of which is that the agent must have been working in real estate full time in the past 3 years, and continued their real estate education. So, rest assure that any match you would get on Reacasa, is well vetted.  Don’t miss out!

Find an agent

In rare cases we may not have an agent in our network that have the skills needed for your unique situation. Our commitment to you: a member of our team will conduct research in the desired market, and will present you with all options available to you, and that include researching and reaching out to our competition. 

On Reacasa we primarily focus on real estate, that include buying, selling, and financing of homes, as well as hiring property managers. That being said, we have rich extensive directory that include, appraisals, contractors, builders, and some home improvement professionals.

Start your home buying or selling journey Find the right agent

Yes you can,  and it is free service. When you list your home on Reacasa, we provide targeted advertising for maximum exposure to your home. Additionally, we provide data to support the listing to make it easy for our visitors to make decisions, and have all information available to them without having to jump across multiple sites. We provide near by places, near by schools, walk score, map and street view, how far my new home from my work™, city data and more.

When you decide to list your home on Reacasa, you can choose to list your phone number, and get direct calls, or you can choose to have communications through Reacasa for your privacy.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay buyer’s agent commission to sell your home.

After you get a feel for the market, and your home haven’t sold for the time desired, you can always talk to an agent for consultation, and additional insights. Here

If you decide to sell your home without the traditional home sale process of, showings, repair etc. You can also get instant cash offer. Here

Yes. The property manager is required to have brokerage license, so there are some real estate brokerage offer property management services. That being said, there are companies just specialize in property management, and you are in control. You decide the skills, expertise, and the services you need and we will match you with the right property manager. Find out more, Here. Hire property manager Here

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