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Our agent’s partners have access to all the data needed to assure that you get an accurate home value. Making the right decision when it comes to home values, the sum of money can be huge. Get the right value. 

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Expertise. Accuracy. Few Questions

A real estate agent will ask you few questions about your home to get more clear idea of what increased the value of your home. An area expert understand what makes home valuable, best time to sell, what you need to increase the value of your home and more.

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Traditional Home Selling

Traditional Sale Net Proceeds 90-93%
Est. time on market 76-90 days
Move-Out Date When Loan Close
Est. Out of Pocket Spending $2500.00-$16000.00
Closing Cost Negotiable
Showings Could Be Multiple Times
Repair And Upgrades Required In Most Cases

Instant Cash Offer

Instant Cash Offer Net Proceeds 80-90%
Est. Time On The Market 1-14 Days, But Vary
Move-out Date Negotiate with buyer
Est. Out Of Pocket Spending No Cost. No Fees
Closing Cost Buyer Pays Closing Cost
Showings If Needed, Maybe Once
Repair And Upgrades Not Required

Frequently Asked Questions

No. A lot of our clients use our services for different reasons, some of which is to know how much equity they have in their home for refinance, HELOC, Found a house they like but they need to know if their home is enough to buy, or just simply; carious.

Absolutely Not! All our agent partners are happy to help and show their expertise. You can get consultation, with one of our agent partners, mortgage lenders, and you can move on your own base. Whenever you are ready to move, buy, sell, finance, or refinance, we are always here for you.

If you decide to sell your house to one of our cash buyers, it is usually takes few days, and you can negotiate moving date with the buyer. You don’t have to repair, remodel, or spend any money out of pocket, and skip the showing, and the hassle. If you decide to list with one of our agent partner’s it may vary based on market condition, but it estimated between, 45-76 days. Additionally, you may need to spend some money for remodel and upgrades if needed.

Home Value is the amount of money your house would likely sell for if it went on the market today. Sell your house today.

Knowing what your home is worth can help you decide when to sell and what your asking price should be. It can also help you determine if you should make some repairs or updates first. Since your home is such a major financial asset, it’s important to make informed decisions when you’re getting ready to sell.

An agent can provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA consolidates all the data from sold homes, homes currently on the market. Combined that with knowledge of the market, neighborhood, etc. An agent can accurately estimate your home’s value.

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