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Here Is What You Need To Do To Sell Your House Fast. Complete Guide

When you decide to sell your house, there are a question might a rise, how to sell my house fast, here is a complete guide on how to sell your house fast, and to help you navigate through the process, to achieve result, and never miss an opportunity.

There are several reasons why you might want to sell your house, and the level of motivation, timeframe of which you might have to sell, and other factors maybe only applies to your situation. It may be because of financial reasons  or you want to relocate to another area due to your work, or because of a new addition to the family and increase in family size.


guide to selling your home fast

Whatever the  reason is that you want to sell your house, you should know that selling your house requires preparation, steps that has to be taken to achieve optimum results, and may require out of pocket expenses, staging, showings, allow time in your schedule for showings, and so on. That is of course regardless of which rout to choose when selling your house. Those steps are to be regarded during the entire selling process. First thing is first. Decide which route you want to take for selling.

Choose your selling option. When selling your house, there are few options you can choose from, for example; listing your house with an agent, get instant cash offer for your house, or listing it on sites like and sell it yourself.

Each of those options have pros and cons. And we have covered those options in more details in other articles. Here we will focus on what would help the home selling process and don’t miss an opportunity. 

If you decide to list with an agent. That option might yield the most amount of net proceeds (more money in your pocket when the sale is over). The real estate agent will do most of the work, that include, advise on selling timing, repairs and upgrades needed, preparing the paperwork, contract, disclosure, attending the showings, and so on. But, clarify all the agent’s service during your interview with the agent.

Get instant cash offer for your house. That is usually involve selling your house to an investor. Which does not require out of pocket spending, no showings, no repairs. That option will yield less money in the net proceeds, but you don’t have to spend money out of pocket and it doesn’t take as long as traditional house sale. You don’t have to do much should you choose this option.

Sell your house yourself. That option will require great knowledge of the process, and real estate laws on federal and local level, contracts, legal disclosure, marketing, advertising, access to home sales to value your home and so on. That depending on many factors, such as knowledge and experience, maybe the right option or the wrong option to take. That being said, the following are the steps necessary to sell your house fast, and avoid wasting time and money.

Choose Which Option To Sell Your House

First and foremost, decide which selling strategy you choosing. Let’s be honest, if you decide to sell your house, you want to sell as fast as you can with the most amount possible. Anyone would like that. That actually could and has happened. Depends on some factors, such as, housing market, seller’s market, and local market condition as well. But if you list your house with an agent, your agent will be able to tell you how fast or slow homes selling in your city, your neighborhood, and what timeframe to expect.  Those however are rare cases, but in general the average time it takes to sell your house 3 to 6 months but vary based on different factors.  Know the steps you need to take, timeframe and expectations.

Know Your Home Value

Knowing how much your home is: and knowing the home value is the most important part of the equation. When you know how much your house worth, you are able to list it for the right price to attract buyers, sell it for what it worth, avoid delay on the market, and negotiate from strength. That is why we recommend to find an agent on reacasa to help you determine how much your home worth. It is free.

Know the right listing price. Knowing the value of your house is important, so you know what is the right listing price. That’s why selling through a real estate agents is the best option.

Your agent will evaluate your house: and place the actual sale price. If there’s any area of the house that needs repairs, the agent will advise you to fix it so that it can be sold for higher price.

The buyer’s closing cost: will also be considered before deciding on the price to sell your house. Keep in mind that the seller bear most of the expense.

Keep your house very clean: make a good first impression. Keeping a clean house during the selling process, can make a huge difference. Most of people or potential buyers will tour your house are buying for their primary residence. Some of those house hunters are first time home buyers, and small detail such as disorganized kitchen, clutter in the middle of the room, or dirty floors can set them off. As some potential buyers or house hunters employ logics while touring your house, some might involve their emotions while making the decision. The take away here is to make sure that you don’t lose an opportunity over small detail and something you can control. In some cases while selling your house, you would find a buyer and advance through multiple phases, and in the last second for example, the finance fall through due to a change in the buyer’s credit score. That happens in a rare occasion, but that is not something you can control.

Fix all necessary areas: in order to sell your house fast, you need to repair all the areas that need to be repaired; make sure to repair the loose door handles, fix spots with faded paints, fix the leaky faucets, and also repair loose or broken tiles. You can renovate the house if you can afford it for this will definitely increase the value of the house.

Stage your house: staging house is really important as it attracts buyers and gives them good impression about the house. Stage the house in a way that will make the interior of the house look larger and define space, then move all your belongings to the storage and free up space in the house.

 Hire a real estate professional photographer: when putting your house on the market, make sure the photos are professional ones and looks really attractive. People see the photos first, and that can be the difference between potential buyer requesting a tour or moving on to the next listing. Remember that you need to speed up the process, and make sure not to miss any opportunity.

A professional photographer: depending on the service of the real estate agent you choose, some agents may include professional photography as a part of their service. You just have to know if they do include that in their service during the interview. But if not, it worth the little extra expense.

Great and compelling listing description: selling anything depends on your description. When you decide to sell your house there is no difference there. An experienced agent would be able to draft compelling description. If you choose another option, and have to write a description, make sure to be honest about what buyers expect, captivating to get them keep reading, and compelling enough to get them to schedule a tour.

List Your Home On Reacasa: Regardless on which option you choose, you need to list your house on reacasa. It is important when selling your house to reach as much as you can through marketing and advertising. If you decide to sell on your own, it is a great platform for you, and if you decide to list with an agent, you want your agent to list your house on reacasa to expand market exposure. 

Reacasa Advantage. On we have made it easy for you to find the right agent and start the process from education to hiring the agent. Everything you need to buy or sell a property, all free and in one place.


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