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Buying a home

Finding a place to call home requires tremendous amount of work, planning, negotiations, and expertise that almost always advised to seek the service of a Realtor, expert that is well informed, of neighborhoods, rules, and regulations. In almost all cases the fees of the Realtor will be paid by the seller, so no fees would be paid out of your pocket if you are buying a home.




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Selling your home

On reacasa we provide you, connections, and options, tips, and advise on how to sell your house fast with top of market price.

Local Realtor.  Local Realtors are well informed, aware of neighborhood, market prices, closure, etc. They provide guidance, tips and advice on what is best options, and time for you to list your home. That being said, listing your home with a realtor may require some remodeling, update on your home to best be representing it in the market.  Here is more information on how to find listing Realtor



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Instant offer

This is the fastest option for you to sell your house, and requires to expense on your part. Start by entering your address, and answer few questions, and shortly after you will be contacted with a fair offer, and in most cases within a month, the transaction would be closed. Enter your address and get instant cash offer on your house.


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What is rental insurance?


Rental insurance provides peace of mind when the unimaginable happens.  When you come home and find all your possessions are destroyed by a fire or any other catastrophe. The landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover you, it covers only the building, measure repairs, etc. You need to find the right rental insurance to protect your personal belongings.


What can be covered by renter insurance?


The renter insurance generally covers personal belongings, as well as furniture, appliances, clothing, jewelry, and everything else of value that is destroyed due to fire, theft, vandalism, or any other catastrophe. Replacing valuable personal belongings can be very expensive.


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How do you get paid by rental insurance companies?


There are two type of reimbursement

  • Actual cash value; you get the cost of the items lost minus depreciation.
  • Reimbursement cost; insurance company will reimburse you with the cost of replaced items.


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