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Check List When Selling Your House

Check list for selling your house, for everyone wants to sell their house with maximum value and fastest timeframe. One of the first step, we recommend is to check out your home value.


Check list when selling your house


Well, you want to sell your house but do not know where to start the sale process? Or are you thinking of selling your home for whatever reason? maybe you want a larger space, or you want to relocate due to your new employment or for school. Whichever way, it is of great importance you prepare well for the sale process because to be candid, it can be stressful! If you made the purchase of where you stay now by yourself, you would agree with me it was not easy. You had to search for a perfect house and then arrange necessary financial documents. The stress involved in selling a house is still the same but just in a different way. In selling, you sometimes have to make your house visually impressive to potential buyers. If you have not engaged in selling a house before, the steps listed below will serve as a perfect guide for you and make the whole process less stressful.

√ Realize what motivates you to sell: As earlier stated, selling process is overwhelming and you can’t just afford to have started and gone far before realizing you do not actually want to sell. Hence, you have to take time to unfold the reasons you want to sell. Firstly, you need to address issues related to finance. Discuss your mortgage balance with your present loan servicer. This gives you the understanding of the equity, that is, the net monetary value you will get after selling. When you know this value or figure, you will be able to discover the amount of improvement budget you need to make or help you to start making plans for the purchase of your future home. Secondly, make a list of non-negotiable. Determine the acceptable sale price to you and state the time frame required for you to move.

√ Best time to sell in your area: It is important you understand how your local real estate market is and also know if you are in a buyers or sellers’ market. This will help you figure out what time is best to sell. In a sellers’ market, there are fewer homes available for surplus buyers who are searching for homes to buy. As expected, this drives up selling prices as it gives the sellers negotiation power. Consider selling in this type of market. To maximize profits while reducing the time you spend on market, the best time of the year to sell is the first half of the month of May. This may however vary depending on your local real estate market. Check out the best time to sell in your local market by connecting with an experienced agent.

√ Commit to a representation strategy: You have to decide if you will sell by yourself (this is called “for sale by owner” –FSBO) or you will commit to the hands of real estate agents. If you want to sell by yourself, you should make out ample time to market your product across various channels. You have to also make research on the recent sales made in your area and compare them with your plan. But if you plan to employ an agent, find an agent here. Make sure to go through proper interview with your agent. You can also choose to rather sell on reacasa/sell, Instant Cash-Offers for less stress and for more control over timing your sale.

√ Complete home improvements: You have to make your house eye-catching so as to make potential buyers easily fall in love with it. To do this, you have to firstly opt for a pre-inspection. This will make you fix problems even before buyers get to know about it. Secondly, make the house more appealing by adding some features that are highly loved by today’s buyers such as solar panels, heated floors or professional kitchen appliances.

√ Price your home competitively: It is challenging to find the right listing price for your home but it is very important you find it. Ensure you make use of all available tools at your disposal in the process of finding a perfect for your home during sale. Learn about and find out the right home value for your home here.

√ Stage your house to sell: Of course whatever to be sold requires proper display. Your furniture need to be arranged, proper mind-blowing decorations should also be carried out so that your potential customer will be emotionally compelled to buy. Note that these decorations do not have to include too much of your family pictures as this might make the potential buyers not to view themselves living in the room. You have to depersonalize! Also, when you have too much items in a room, it tends to be small and lacking storage space, therefore, declutter and clean. You should also reduce pets’ and kid’s belongings.

√ Market your listings effectively: List your house you selling on Reacasa, and get in front of house hunters who are looking for house like yours. Advertise across multiple channels including online, through real estate agents or through for-sale or open-house sign. The more places your listing shows up, the more buyers will see it and the more likely you are to find a buyer! Also as you advertise online, make your home stand out by investing in professional marketing photos – these are the ones with high quality. Your listing description should be short but enticing as well, it should highlight the best features and amenities of your home. As shoppers view your advert, keep a record of them and give them room to leave feedback.

√ Watch for closing hurdles: Your home might be on market for a long time but not selling quickly, what you need to do is to reverse the steps above such as making some improvements setting competitive prices and effective marketing. Once your home has gone under contract, some issues might still ensue between the time offer is accepted and the closing day. Such issues include report of bad home inspection, low home appraisal and financing failure.

√ Move out: Moving out is time-consuming and expensive regardless where you’re moving. Hence you have to plan for moving costs and move at the right time and as quickly as before the closing date.

√ Move out: Moving out is time-consuming and expensive regardless where you’re moving. Hence you have to plan for moving costs and move at the right time and as quickly as before the closing date.

√ Fulfill closing obligations: Finally you’ve got to complete repairs and obtain certifications, submit property disclosures, review expected closing costs, sign documents, hand over keys and close the transaction.

Final words: As we discussed above the check list when selling your house, there is no one size fits all when it comes to real estate transactions. Things may affect your situation is for example, the time frame when you need to move out, and if you selling your house and buying another house; your sale may close before you close on the house you buying and so on. The buyer’s finance may fall through at the last minute. The buyer may ask for repairs and upgrades you might not be able or willing to meet. That being said, there are options for you to achieve your goal when selling your house to get the max value and less time on the market by hiring the right agent or get instant cash offer by selling it to our cash buyer’s network. Best of luck with the journey of selling your home.

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