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Beautiful Beach-side Homes – Perfect for Commuters


Beautiful beach house

Beautiful Beach-side Homes

If you are a beach lover who works in the city you probably spend your days dreaming of heading out for some much-needed sand and surf.  However, if you choose a home in one of these beach communities you can head down to the beach every single day.  We have put together a list of great neighborhoods that you can reach from downtown in under an hour.

If you are one of these people who spend their whole life gazing out of the window wondering when their next vacation will arrive check out these affordable communities that sit just an hour away from major city centers.  Not only that but they also boast lower prices that some of the homes you find in the city.

Working in Chicago?  Don’t miss out on Rainbow Beach Park

If you work in Chicago: you might want to check out the prices in South Chicago.  This is an amazing beach side community-based in the Rainbow Beach Park.  The park, which covers 142-acres offers great views of the city skyline and with homes coming in at a median sales prices of $91,000.  This is a major saving considering that within the metro area the median price of a property is as high as $277,500.

South Chicago: has a rich history to enjoy too – its origins are in the steel industry and the neighborhood remains overwhelmingly working class.  The steel mills that once dominated the lakeside have now been replaced by developments that include the beautiful Steelworkers Natural Area and Steelworkers Park which allows residents access to the waterfront. The commute time is great too – just 45 minutes from home to work.

Working in Boston?  North Quincy might be a great place to call home

North Quincy: has a good variety of reasonably priced property with a median sale price of $455,500 compared to Boston where homes they come in at around $885,000.   With a commute time of only 22 minutes, it is well worth the consideration of any beach lover who works in the city.   Budget-wise moving out to North Quincy makes sound financial sense.

Wollaston Beach sits: on the northeastern edge of the neighborhood and is a great place to go and unwind after a hard day in the office.  If you take the T you can be home in around 22 minutes without having to fight your way through the rush hour traffic.  The residents speak highly of the area too and there is plenty to do here.  Eating out here is divine with restaurants offering locally-caught fresh seafood all within walking distance.

If you are working in San Francisco look at Daly City

If you work in San Francisco you are probably well aware that the cost of homes here is high with a median sales price in the city reaching $1.4million.  Yet just south of San Francisco sits Daly City.  Not only is the mean property price lower (around $944,000) but you also have 3 beaches that you can enjoy after work.  You can get to and from your office in around 15 minutes by car or train too.

Each beach has its personality: and is much loved by the locals. If you are a fan of paragliding or enjoy hiking then Mussel Rock Park Beach will be somewhere you want to spend some time.  Cave enthusiasts should head over to Phillip Burton Memorial Beach and for horse lovers, there is Thornton State Beach.  Aside from the activity on the beaches you also get to look at the amazing views.  Even with all of this on offer the beaches remain uncrowded, mainly because they are not well known outside of the local community.

Washington, D.C: with a commute time of less than one hour Edgewater also boasts the beautiful Beverly Triton Beach which offers beautiful views and the quiet everyone wants when they finish work.  With a commute time of around 50 minutes it represents one of the longer journeys in this list but the pace of life in Edgewater is so relaxed it more than makes up for an extra 15 minutes journey time.

A small town with under 10,000: residents it still has everything you could need close by.

House prices are good too: the median sales price in Edgewater is $386, 250 compared to $585,000 in the city.

But for many it is all about the beach: the Beverly Triton boasts around 5 miles of trails with plenty of nature on offer and the opportunity to find osprey, crabs and other wildlife.  There are other beaches in the area too – dog lovers should check out Quiet Waters Park.  For those liking a little solitude, Woodland Beach will be the one for you.

New York City: if you work in New York City but you have a hankering for the beach look no further than Staten Island where the Midland Beach area boasts properties at under half the price of those in the city.   It is close to the metro area too – within 40 minutes you can go from your office desk to stretching your legs on Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk alongside the usual joggers and cyclists taking advantage of the sun.  In summer the beach is popular and locals gather to watch the fireworks on South Beach and perhaps take in some of the concerts that are regularly held there.

One of the best things about this neighborhood: is that you get the beach, the ability to commute to work in under one hour and yet it still has that small-town vibe.  There are plenty of locals that have been in the area for decades, and everybody seems to know each other.  Although Midland Beach is not a tourist area it still manages to give you a holiday feeling.

If you want to buy a property here you’re in luck – median sales prices in New York City are currently in the region of $1.25million.  In Midland Beach, you can pick up a similar property for less than half that price – around $507,500.


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